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24 avril 2018

All three Hitty's bought in 2018... center one is most expensive. she is a Jean Lotz Hitty, left one is a Janet Denton Cordell

The far right Hitty is a Fung Hicks Hitty doll


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This rainy Monday I got a new girl


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20 mars 2018

Today came a new girl




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My latest doll I have bought is a hand carved wooden Hitty doll

Hitty is named   Hitty Hilda Catherine



I hope you like her. 0318181341_HDR_1

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04 novembre 2017

More dolls I love





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16 juin 2017

Hazel wants to try the dress too.. Wondering who looks best in the dress


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A try at a new crochet dress pattern..

I bought a new crochet book it as a dress in it like I bought it from the Spring doll show .. I gave it a try and intend to try again .. To waste ... My 4201 Goebel doll loves it and it works for Hazel ... she is from the doll show ..


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