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10 avril 2019

So today we got a new Famosa Nancy doll came in the mail...

Fun day... She is wearing Fisher Price shoes to who? I don't know and the outfit I don't believe is really Famosa Nancy outfit either.. No matter , I like it and I like the doll.  fullsizeoutput_31

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23 mars 2019

Another new doll

This is my latest Famosa Nancy doll and I call her Candy.


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24 février 2019

So now I will show you the three W. Goebel 4201 dolls I have myself.. Still need a tall dark haired gal. Maybe someday.

0223191338dThanks for letting me adopt. a 4201 doll ... She has found us and we are so happy and thankful for you.

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11 février 2019

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Have you bought your sweetheart any candy or flowers yet?109089177


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08 février 2019

So today I share with you my bjd doll, Jemma

Jemma is a Fairyland LittleFee doll.. She can wear KiKi Pop shoes ... Pal Sally made her dress.


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03 février 2019

Some of my favorite dolls

goebel 4201 ... small 9 inch ones on far right in this picture.  looking for a 12 inch one especially.. 


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23 janvier 2019

The Three most expensive dolls of 2018

My three most costly dolls of last yr are all three Hitty wooden dolls.



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24 avril 2018

This rainy Monday I got a new girl


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